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Lovella's passion for writing and literature has been a lifelong journey that started during her student days. From representing her school in essay writing contests to serving as editor-in-chief of the school publication, she has always been on a path of creative writing. Despite pursuing a business-related degree and taking a slightly different path for some time, her love for language, words, and art ultimately led her back to her true calling. As a certified English language instructor, Lovella was able to share her communication skills and passion for writing with her students. Her time teaching in Vietnam provided her with the opportunity to immerse herself in diverse cultures and to further develop her skills as a teacher, writer, and mentor to young learners. Now as a member of the Word Wool team, Lovella aims to inspire people to delve into the enchanting world of poetry and literature, encouraging them to search their hearts and souls in the process. By doing so, she hopes that they will continue to explore their passions and find meaning in their lives, creating their own magical moments along the way.