Skeltonic Verse Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Skeltonic Verse Poem Type

Invented by 19th-century poet John Skelton, Skeltonic verse is a verse form that uses short lines and extensive monorhyme to create a unique rambling effect that makes the poem feel like it’s tumbling down the page. This led to another modern nickname for the form: “Tumbling verse.”

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Curtal Sonnet Poem Type (Simply Explained with Examples)

Curtal Sonnet Poem Type

The curtal sonnet is an eleven-line variation of the Petrarchan sonnet, designed by Gerard Manley Hopkins to act as a sonnet at three-fourths the original length. It utilizes a unique meter called sprung rhythm, which was also invented by Hopkins. It’s usually seen as a derivation rather than a unique form.

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