Viator Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Viator Poem Type

The viator is a refrain-based poem type created by the Canadian poet Robin Skelton. It uses a refrain on the first line that becomes the second line of the second stanza, the third line of the third, and so on. The poem ends on the refrain, such that the number of lines per verse and number of verses per poem is equal.

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Novem Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Novem Poem Type

A novem is a poem form consisting of four-syllable, three-word tercets in which the positioning of the disyllabic word is different on each line. The poem form celebrates consonance and was loosely based on the Burmese than-bauk. Its inventor was Robin Skelton, famous author of The Shapes of Our Singing.

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Catena Rondo Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Catena Rondo Poem Type

The catena rondo was invented by Robin Skelton, a Canadian poet of the 20th century. It consists of rhymed quatrains that utilize refrains to tightly control the poem’s framing and pacing. Notably, the first and last lines of each quatrain are the same, putting emphasis on the second and third lines.

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