Schuttelreim Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Schuttelreim Poem Type

Schuttelreim is primarily considered a German poetic device, but as of the 19th century there have been couplets specifically centered around it. A schuttelreim involves taking the last two words of a line and swapping the initial consonant sounds, ending up with a new phrase for the next line.

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Diminishing Verse Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Diminishing Verse Poem Type

The diminishing verse is a poem form that only has one rule. The last word of each line gradually “diminishes” from one line to the next, usually by removing one or two letters from the beginning of the word. An example of this would be the transitions from “scat” to “cat” to “at.”

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Chant Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Chant Poem Type

Chants utilize repetition, either as whole lines or parts of lines, as the primary technique with which to communicate a feeling or intent. They can be considered a type of poetry, with some poems being explicitly written as chants to experiment with using repetition as a technique by itself.

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Occasional Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Occasional Poem Type

Occasional poems are written to describe a certain occasion or event. These poems are typically intended for public reading or performance. Because occasional poetry is originally intended as a performance, they are often lyric or written with a particular rhyme, meter, or sound repetition.

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Rhymed Poem Type: Simply Explained (+ Examples)

Rhymed Poem Type

A rhymed poem is simply a poem with rhyming sounds or identical sounding final syllables. These rhymes are organized by using a particular rhyming pattern or scheme. There are some varieties of rhyming poetry, including sonnets, nursery rhymes, and limericks.

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Metered Poetry Poem Type: Simply Explained

Metered Poem Type

Metered poetry is simply any poem that is written with a meter. Metered or metrical poetry uses a regular rhythmic pattern of both stressed and unstressed syllables.

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Lyric Poetry Poem Type: Simply Explained

Lyric Poem Type

Lyric poetry is one of the oldest forms of literature. Aristotle originally categorized lyric poetry into three groups: dramatic, epic, and lyric. While lyric poems have an interesting overlap with song verses or lyrics, they are not necessarily meant to be sung.

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