5 restful prayers for banishing bad dreams and night terrors

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Are you tired of restless nights plagued by unsettling dreams and night terrors?

Here are 5 restful prayers rooted in biblical wisdom to help you banish bad dreams and find restful sleep.

With these restful prayers, you can reclaim your nights and experience the deep, rejuvenating rest that you deserve.

Let’s get right into them!

#1 Prayer for God’s guard over your sleep

Heavenly Father, as I prepare to rest, I come before You seeking Your divine protection.

Wrap Your arms around me, shielding my mind, heart, and spirit from any darkness that may seek to harm.

May Your love be my fortress, and Your presence my peace.

Guard my thoughts, Lord, and fill my dreams with Your light.

Let Your angels surround my bed, keeping watch over me throughout the night.

With You by my side, I fear no evil.

May Your peace descend upon me like a gentle dove, cradling me in Your arms until the dawn breaks anew.

Thank You, Father, for Your ever-present protection.


#2 Prayer for healing from troubling dreams

Dear God, I come before You with a heart burdened by the weight of spiritual oppression.

I ask for Your divine intervention and deliverance, knowing that You are the ultimate source of freedom and restoration.

Lord, I trust in Your unfailing love and power to break every chain and stronghold that the enemy has placed upon me.

Fill me with Your Holy Spirit, bringing clarity to my mind and peace to my soul.

I surrender myself completely to Your will, believing in Your promise of protection and deliverance.

Shield me from all evil influences and guide my steps towards Your truth and light.

May Your presence surround me, dispelling all fear and confusion from my heart.

Thank You, Lord, for Your mercy and grace that sustain me in times of trial.


#3 Prayer to invite God’s peace to dwell in your dreams

Heavenly Father, I come to You with a longing for Your peace to permeate my dreams.

I surrender every fear, anxiety, and restlessness to You, trusting in Your promise of perfect peace.

Lord, as I lay my head to rest, I ask that You would wrap me in Your comforting presence, dispelling any disturbances that may arise.

Quiet the noise of the day and fill me with the tranquility of Your love.

In the stillness of the night, may Your peace reign supreme, guarding my mind and heart with Your unwavering protection.

I am grateful for Your faithfulness, knowing that Your peace surpasses all understanding.

Thank You for the assurance that even in my dreams, I am held securely in Your embrace.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

#4 Prayer for discerning the message behind the bad dream

Heavenly Father,

I come to You seeking Your divine discernment and wisdom to understand the troubling dreams that haunt my nights.

You are the ultimate source of light in the darkness, and I trust Your guidance to unveil the hidden messages within these dreams.

Grant me the courage to explore the deeper meanings behind these unsettling visions.

Show me Your truth to bring clarity and peace to my heart.

Help me discern whether these dreams stem from fears, unresolved emotions, or spiritual battles.

Protect my mind from the enemy’s deceptions and strengthen my faith to trust in Your perfect love, finding solace in Your presence.

May Your discernment lead me to healing and restoration.

I pray that Your peace reign in my heart as I navigate the mysteries of my dreams.

In Your loving name, amen.

#5 Prayer for healing from troubling dreams

Divine Healer,

In Your boundless compassion, I seek refuge from the distress and turmoil of my restless nights.

Pour out Your soothing balm upon my troubled soul, banishing the shadows of fear and uncertainty.

I surrender every haunting thought and unsettling dream into Your loving hands.

I trust in Your promise of peace that surpasses understanding.

Wrap me in Your embrace of tranquility, Lord, as You cleanse away the remnants of anguish and doubt.

With unwavering faith, I declare Your power to transform my nights of turmoil into nights of peaceful rest and rejuvenation.

In Your divine presence, I find strength to overcome every trial and adversity.

Thank You for Your tender care and abiding presence in my life.


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