Tripadi Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Tripadi Poem Type

The Tripadi is a verse form from the Bangladesh region of India, dating back to roughly the 10th century. The form is usually written in tercets, with either an 8-8-10 syllable structure or a less common 6-6-8 structure. The first two lines of each tercet are expected to rhyme.

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Landay Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Landay Poem Type

A landay is a traditional Afghan form of poetry utilizing only 22 syllables split unevenly across two lines with a 9/13 structure. It is generally expected to deal with serious topics such as war, grief, separation, patriotism, etc. The form often expresses itself with a cynical or sarcastic tone.

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Doha Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Doha Poem Type

The term doha refers to rhymed couplets written in Mātrika metre. Poems written in dohas are popular in India, most notably in the Hindustani and Urdu languages. Dohas are commonly employed individually as proverbs or in lengthy sequences that tell a story across dozens and dozens of dohas.

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