Soledad Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Soledad Poem Type

Soledad is a minor verse form from Spain consisting of just three lines, though longer versions utilizing multiple tercets can be written. Each line of the poem will be eight syllables and each verse will have an internal axa rhyme scheme, in which ‘x’ represents an unrhymed syllable.

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Zéjel Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Zéjel Poem Type

The zéjel is a Spanish form that seems to have Arabic roots and is believed to be a descendant of the qasida. It’s a relatively simple form that utilizes triple rhymes and linked rhyme that ties the initial stanza, called the mudanza, to the remainder of the poem.

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Glosa Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Glosa Poem Type

The glosa is a Spanish poem form that includes and expands upon an excerpt from another writer’s work, using it in refrains throughout a poem written as a lengthy accompaniment. It seems to be structurally based on Greek odes, but there is a great deal of disagreement as to what does and does not constitute a glosa.

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