Gwawdodyn Hir Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Gwawdodyn Hir Poem Type

Gwawdodyn Hir is a Welsh meter based on sixains (six-line stanzas). It combines lines of nine and ten syllables, utilizing rhyme and cross-rhyme to enforce rhythm. Superficially, it is an expanded version of the Gwawdodyn Byr, taking that same form and adding two more lines to it.

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Cywydd Llosgyrnog Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Cywydd Llosgyrnog Poem Type

Cywydd llosgyrnog is a stanzaic verse form utilizing sixains (six-line stanzas) and is one of the 24 codified Welsh meters. The form has a heavy emphasis on rhyme and cross-rhyme, with comfortable line lengths that the majority of writers should be able to work with easily.

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Clogyrnach Poem Type (Simply Explained & Examples)

Clogyrnach Poem Type

Clogyrnach is a Welsh verse form that utilizes a two-sound rhyme scheme and lines with different numbers of syllables to create a poem whose rhymes get closer and closer together as the verse continues. While a single verse may only be four to six lines, the full poem can be much longer by repeating the pattern.

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