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Johanna is a passionate reader and enthusiastic writer, deeply committed to the art of the written word. From the age of 11, she’s been immersing herself in various writing contests, finding beauty in how simple words can weave together to create diverse experiences and realities. Literature has always stirred joy within Johanna; she believes in the timeless value of great works that can resonate with its audience at any stage in their lives. As an author, Johanna undertakes the challenge of encapsulating the complexity of the human spirit within her pieces. Her intent is to invoke emotions and captivate her readers’ attention through her work. Outside her professional life, Johanna dedicates her time volunteering at organizations championing for children’s rights, with special emphasis on their right to education. She stands firmly behind every child’s entitlement to education, health care, and safety, aspiring for a future where no child gets overlooked or left behind.