31 Enchanting Poems About Cherry Blossoms

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31 Enchanting Poems About Cherry Blossoms (+ My #1 Favorite)
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Enchanting Poems About Cherry Blossoms

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Get entwined into a world of romance and floral enchantment as our collection of cherry blossom poems sweeps you off your feet, painstakingly selected and compiled in this post.

We’ve got concise poems with cherry blossoms and love on the center page and poems that delve deeper into this flower’s impact in the amazing culture of Japan, this collection is a treasure trove for you to explore.

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My #1 Favorite Poem About Cherry Blossoms

Beautiful young girl under the flowering pink spring tree

“Song To the Spirit of the Cherry-Blossom” by Madame Yukio Ozaki (Countess Iso-ko-Mutsu, Translator)

Throughout the land the Spring doth hold high Court,
Obedient to the call from far I came
To lay my tribute at thy matchless shrine,
To vow allegiance to the Queen of Flowers.

How can I praise aright thy perfume sweet,
The heavenly pureness of thy blossom’s snow:
Spellbound I linger in thy Kingdom fair
That rivets me, love’s prisoner!

Take this poor bud of poesy to thy fragrant breast,
There let it hang, symbol of homage true:
Ne’er can perfection be acclaimed right,
Much less thy beauties, which are infinite!

Thy fragile petals fluttering on my robes
Pluck at my heart, and bind me to thy realm
With fairy fetters—ne’er can I leave thy bowers
But worship thy for evermore, my pearless Queen of Flowers!

Short Poems About Cherry Blossoms

beautiful spring angel

“Cherry Blossoms” by Lady Ise Osuke (Dr. Clay MacCauley, Translator)

Eight-fold cherry flowers
That at Nara,—ancient seat
Of Our State, —have bloomed,
In Our nine-fold Palace court
Shed their sweet perfume to-day!

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

‘Tis well all cherry-blossoms fade away,
For in the world we; in the end, decay.

(No Title) by Mitsune
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

The cherry-blossoms fall like snow
Of winter gone and past;
How heartless are the winds that blow,
To make them fall more fast!

portrait of a beautiful teenager girl in delicate Sakura flowers with a veil

(No Title) by Monk Soku
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Now, cherry-blossoms, like to you
I wish to wither and die, too;
For when we are once past our prime,
Sure we shall pass a wretched time.

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Tho’ cherry-blossoms all are known
To be so fickle, a forlon
One there is that awaits him here.
Who visits seldom in the year.

(No Title) by Tomonori
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

The cherries always blow
The same both in smell and in hue,
But altered in form and in view,
I feeble and old grow.

Spring portraits gorgeous young woman on cherry blossom background

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Be not so sad nor heave a sigh,
O cherry-blossom dear!
Although the mountain be so high
And no one visit here, I love to be with thee near by,
And thou shalt not feel drear.

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

The cherry-blossoms of the mountain blue,
Entailed with vernal haze,
Meseems alas! begins to change in hue,
To die in a few days.

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Should at my bidding cherry-blossoms stay
Unfaded, nothing were more sweet than they.

Pretty woman in a beautiful dress outdoor

(No Title) by Sugano No Takayo
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

The cherry-blossoms, fallen away
So frail from off the boughs,
Now change themselves to foams that play
Upon the stream that flows.

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Like to the fleeting world of ours,
Methinks, are the frail cherry-flowers,
For they that bloomed yesterday
Are seen to-day to fade away.

Poems About Cherry Blossoms and Love

Beautiful woman enjoying lilac garden, young woman with flowers in green park. cheerful teenager walking outdoor. soft light style color. Young girl in beautiful wreath of lilac flowers

“Love is All” by Anonymous

Where in spring the sweetest flowers
Fill Mount Kaminabi’s bowers,
Where in autumn, dyed with red,
Each ancient maple rears its head,
And Aska’s flood, with sedges lin’d,
As a belt the mound doth bind:—
There see my heart,,—a reed that sways,
Nor aught but love’s sweet stream obeys,
And now, if, like the dew, dear maid,
Life must fade, then let it fade:
My secret love is not in vain,
For thou lov’st me back again.

“Absent” by Sugawara Adaijin

O cherry-blossom loved so well,
If you do not forget your lord,
Absent from you this April-time,
Send me your fragrant message, stored
In the safe keeping of the breeze,
Blowing towards me! Flowers adored,
I think of you!

(No Title) by Tsurayuki
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Not frail the cherry-blossom do I find:
Man’s heart is fickler than a blast of wind.

Beautiful young blonde woman with wavy hair posing with blooming peach trees against the sky

“Song of Spring” by Yoshimine No Munesada (T. Wakameda, Translator)

Although the tints of cherry-blossoms
Are hidden in the vernal haze,
Steal their sweet smell out of their bosoms,
On which mine eyes all in vain gaze,
And fetch it, vernal mountain blast,
Before my love of it be past.

Poems About Cherry Blossom Trees

mysterious lady in light gentle dress walks through flowered garden, young beautiful girl walks in the park, spring fairy, fairytale elf

(No Title) by Ariwara No Narihira
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

If there were in the world no cherry-trees,
The heart in spring would be set more at ease.

(No Title) by Anonymous
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

To see the mountain cherry-trees
In full bloom and at charming ease
Hither I hie;
But lo! the vernal haze now hides
All aspects of the top and sides
Out of mine eye. ease.

(No Title) by Tsurayuki
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

The cherry-trees appear
To me to be in bloom,
For I see white clouds peer
From where the mountains loom.

Asian woman wearing Japanese traditional kimono and cherry blossom in spring, Japan.

(No Title) by Ise
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

No one will see thee at thy best
Oh mountain cherry-tree,
Mayst thou bloom after all the rest
Fade and are past their glee!

(No Title) by Ki No Toshisada
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Art thou in blossom, cherry-tree,
When spring is o’er,
To engross the nicest eulogy
That people pour?

Famous Poems About Cherry Blossoms

Happy beautiful young woman with long black healthy hair enjoy fresh flowers and sun light in blossom park at sunset.

“Cherry-Blossom Time” by Norinobu

All round the year, with careful pride,
My court-yard here is neatly kept,
Save at sweet cherry-blossom tide,
When ’tis untrodden and unswept.
White scented petals softly blow,
And, downward fluterring, create
A perfumed carpeting of snow,
Nor foot nor hand must desecrate.

“Late Cherry-Bloom” by Shōni No Myōfu

Here, sheltered by the hill,
Lonely wild cherry still
I find in bloom.
Let not the wild wind know!
Or it will surely blow
And scatter this last trace
Of passing Spring!

“Perfume and Beauty” by Kawara No Sadaijin

I’ll gather dewdrops from cherry-trees,
And bathe me in their perfume through and through,
Ere yet there comes the rough and envious breeze
To carry off both flowers and fragrance too!

Woman walks in park with blooming sakura trees

“Sakura” by Bashō

Cherry-blossoms of Yoshino,
These and these only!
Unsurpassed in loveliness
Yoshino’s peerless blossoms!

“Cherry-Blossom” by Tomonori

The cherry blossom gleams, a pearly white haze,
Across the landscape, far as eye can see,
Like mist-wreaths veiling in their shifting maze
Yoshino’s mountain -gorges mystery.

Japanese Poems About Cherry Blossoms

Portrait of a very beautiful sensual girl in a long dress

(No Title) by Tsurayuki
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Ye, cherry-blossoms, who begin
To know what is the spring!
O may ye never know wherein
On earth is withering!

(No Title) by Monk Sosei
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Now can I speak of your bright hue
To others but by seeing you,
O cherry-blossoms? Let each hand
Of mine pluck off as many a band
Of sprays as I can carry them,
And take this souvenir of gem

(No Title) by Tsurayuki
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Who sought and plucked this bough
Of cherry-blossoms, wonder I?
For o’er the hillocks hang and lie
The vernal mists so low.

Woman in yukata (kimono dress) holding umbrella and looking at sakura flower or cherry blossom blooming in garden

(No Title) by Prince Toretaka
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

Ah cherry-blossoms, fade away
If you will! for I trow
My old friend will not come this way
To see you in full blow

(No Title) by Tomonori
(T. Wakameda, Translator)

On the hill-sides of Yoshino
The cherry-blossoms are in blow:
It seems as if they were true snow.