27 Best Quotes “Gulliver’s Travels”

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Here are the 27 best handpicked quotes from “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift:

From “Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.” to “I winked at my own littleness, as people do at their own faults.”

So if you want the best quotes from “Gulliver’s Travels,” then you’re in the right place.

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27 Best Quotes "Gulliver's Travels" (Handpicked)

My Favorite “Gulliver’s Travels” Quote


Every Man

“Every man desires to live long, but no man wishes to be old.”

— Gulliver’s Travels

You know, wanting to live long but not growing old is like wanting the night without the dark, or the rainbow without the rain.

From cosmetics to foods, there are so many things people want to try just so they can slow down aging, which is quite funny because it just comes naturally and no products, except a miracle or a condition, can stop it from coming to us.

So, while it may frustrate you, try to calm down even a bit, let age come to you naturally and hope that with it comes wisdom and the comfort knowing that you made the best of your time drinking in the fountain of youth while you can.

Best Handpicked Quotes From “Gulliver’s Travels” by Jonathan Swift


Undoubtedly Philosophers

“Undoubtedly, philosophers are in the right when they tell us that nothing is great or little otherwise than by comparison.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


The Tiny

“The tiny Lilliputians surmise that Gulliver’s watch may be his god, because it is that which, he admits, he seldom does anything without consulting.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


And He

“And he gave it for his opinion, “that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of grass, to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country, than the whole race of politicians put together.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


A Wife

“A wife should be always a reasonable and agreeable companion, because she cannot always be young.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


This Made

“This made me reflect, how vain an attempt it is for a man to endeavor to do himself honor among those who are out of all degree of equality or comparison with him.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Ingratitude Is

“Ingratitude is amongst them a capital crime, as we read it to have been in some other countries: for they reason thus; that whoever makes ill-returns to his benefactor, must needs be a common enemy to the rest of the mankind, from where he has received no obligations and therefore such man is not fit to live.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


They Look

“They look upon fraud as a greater crime than theft, and therefore seldom fail to punish it with death.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


I Enjoyed 1

“I enjoyed perfect health of body, and tranquility of mind; I did not feel the treachery or inconstancy of a friend, nor the injuries of a secret or open enemy.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Of So

“Of so little weight are the greatest services to princes, when put into the balance with a refusal to gratify their passions.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


My Hours

“My hours of leisure I spent in reading the best authors, ancient and modern, being always provided with a good number of books; and when I was ashore, in observing the manners and dispositions of the people, as well as learning their language; wherein I had a great facility, by the strength of my memory.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


They Have

“They have a notion, that when people are met together, a short silence does much improve conversation: this I found to be true; for during those little intermissions of talk, new ideas would arise in their minds, which very much enlivened the discourse.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Difference In

“Difference in opinions has cost many millions of lives: for instance, whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Men Are

“Men are never so serious, thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at stool.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


I Could 3

“I could not sufficiently wonder at the intrepidity of these diminutive mortals.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


The Cottagers

“The cottagers and labourers keep their children at home, their business being only to till and cultivate the earth, and therefore their education is of little consequence to the public.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


These Horrible

“These horrible animals had the boldness to attack me on both sides”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Many Hundred 1

“Many hundred large volumes have been published upon this controversy: but the books of the Big-endians have been long forbidden, and the whole party rendered incapable by law of holding employments.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


When A

“When a great office is vacant, either by death or disgrace (which often happens,) five or six of those candidates petition the emperor to entertain his majesty and the court with a dance on the rope; and whoever jumps the highest, without falling, succeeds in the office.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


The Different 1

“The different nations of the world had different customs.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Regard To

“Regard to good morals than to great abilities; for, since government is necessary to mankind, they believe, that the common size of human understanding is fitted to some station or other; and that Providence never intended to make the management of public affairs a mystery to be comprehended only by a few persons of sublime.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


No Person

“No person can disobey reason, without giving up his claim to be a rational creature.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Laws Are

“Laws are best explained, interpreted, and applied by those whose interest and abilities lie in perverting, confounding, and eluding them.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


You Have 2

“You have clearly proved that ignorance, idleness, and vice, are the proper ingredients for qualifying a legislator.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


They Use

“The use of speech was to make us understand one another, and to receive information of facts.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


Nothing But

“Nothing but an extreme love of truth could have hindered me from concealing this part of my story. It was in vain to discover my resentments, which were always turned into ridicule; and I was forced to rest with patience while my noble and beloved country was so injuriously treated.”

— Gulliver’s Travels


I Winked

“I winked at my own littleness, as people do at their own faults.”

— Gulliver’s Travels