31 Top “The Swiss Family Robinson” Quotes to Warm the Heart

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Here are the 31 best handpicked quotes from “The Swiss Family Robinson” by Johann Wyss:

From quotes by William Robinson to quotes by Ernest Robinson.

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Patience And

“Patience and Reason are the two fairies, by whose potent help hope to get our boat afloat.”

— William Robinson

Patience and reason serve as our constant allies to remain firm in the face of any storm life may bring.

Like the two fairies described in the quote, they guide us along the right path, offering strength and wisdom to keep us from drifting away from our dreams.

Life is like sailing where our patience and reasons act as anchors so we don’t lose our way and surpass stormy days with the hope that we will reach our destination in due time despite the challenges we need to triumph over.

24 Quotes by William Robinson


I Added

“I added to archery, racing, leaping, wrestling, and climbing trees, either by the trunks, or by a rope suspended from the branches, as sailors climb.”

— William Robinson


We Saw

“We saw around us on every side traces of the Divine wisdom and beneficence; and our hearts overflowed with love and veneration for that Almighty hand which had so miraculously saved, and continued to protect us. I humbly trusted in Him, either to restore us to the world, or send some beings to join us in this beloved island, where for two years we had seen no trace of man.”

— William Robinson


I Gather

“I gathered a handful of small stones, and threw them up toward the apes. The stones did not go near them, but influenced by their instinctive mania for imitation, they instantly seized all the cocoanuts within their reach, and sent a perfect hail of them down upon us.”

— William Robinson


There Now

“‘There now!’ said I, laughing as he tasted this new luxury, ‘you will have to exercise moderation again, friend Fritz! I daresay it is delicious, but it will go to your head, if you venture deep into your flask.‘”

— William Robinson


Do You 2

“Do you not remember the story of Aesop and his bread-basket, how heavy he found it when he started, and how light at the end of his journey?”

— William Robinson


It Was 6

“It was my wish that our sons should cultivate a habit of bold independence, for I well knew that it might easily be the will of God to deprive them of their parents; when, without an enterprising spirit of self reliance, their position would be truly miserable.”

— William Robinson


Think A

“Think a little,” I replied, “you are quite as capable as I am of finding out the way, even if you do not know the real reason of your failure.”

— William Robinson


This Was 1

“This was one of those happy days that God grants us sometimes on earth, to give us an idea of the bliss of heaven.”

— William Robinson


Never Take

“Never take the life of any animal needlessly. A live monkey up in that tree is of more use to us than a dozen dead ones at our feet, as I will show you.”

— William Robinson


A Noble

“A noble mind finds its purest joy in the accomplishment of its duty, and to that willingly sacrifices its inclination.”

— William Robinson


I Then

“I then told them that God, to compensate for the weakness of man, had bestowed on him reason, invention, and skill in workmanship.”

— William Robinson


My Dear 6

″‘My dear boy,‘” said I, ‘you need not have added that to your load.‘”

— William Robinson


I Laughed

“I laughed so much at this ridiculous scene, that I could scarcely assist my terrified boy out of his awkward predicament.”

— William Robinson


Well Said

“‘Well,’ said I, ‘let the little orphan be yours. You bravely and kindly exerted yourself to save the mother’s life; now you must train her child carefully, for unless you do so its natural instinct will prove mischievous instead of useful to us.‘”

— William Robinson


At Length

“At length, when the excitement subsided a little, I was able to say a few words with a chance of being listened to. “I am truly thankful to see you all safe and well, and, thank God, our expedition has been very satisfactory.”

— William Robinson


You Know

“You know God helps those that help themselves.”

— William Robinson


Never Mind

“‘Never mind, my boy,’ I said, ‘patience and courage!‘”

— William Robinson


Their Greatest

“Their greatest danger was in the disbelief of their teachers. Though every one had a copy of the law, few read it; all were ready, by some excuse, to avoid this duty. Some asserted they knew it, yet never thought on it: some called these the laws of past times; not of the present. Other said the Great King did not regard the actions of his subjects, that he had neither mines nor dungeons, and that all would certainly be taken to the Heavenly City.”

— William Robinson


One After

“One after another our dear ones came running to the opposite bank, testifying in various ways their delight at our return, and hastening up on their side of the river, as we on ours, to the ford at which we had crossed in the morning. We were quickly on the other side, and, full of joy and affection, our happy party was once more united.”

— William Robinson


Who Had

“Who had very properly taught him equally to love and fear him.”

— William Robinson


What Our

“What our limited reason cannot grasp, let us be content to acknowledge as the workings of Almighty power and wisdom, and thankfully trust in that ‘Rock,’ which, were it not higher than we, would afford no sense of security to the immortal soul.”

— William Robinson


In This

“In this way, the labor of learning was very considerably lightened, and everyone came to know a few words of each language. Occasionally we amused ourselves.”

— William Robinson


This Curious

“This curious little animal was of a soft, dark brown color, the fur being of a lighter shade under the body; its feet were furnished with large claws, and also completely webbed, the head small, with deeply set eyes and ears, and terminating in a broad flat bill like that of a duck.”

— William Robinson


But In

“But in reality, the more there was to do the better; and I never ceased contriving fresh improvements, being fully aware of the importance of constant employment as a means of strengthening and maintaining the health of mind and body. This, indeed, with a consciousness of continual progress toward a desirable end, is found to constitute the main element of happiness.”

— William Robinson

2 Quotes by Fritz Robinson


I Had 2

“I had no idea,” he said, “that a few reeds would be so heavy.”

— Fritz Robinson


What A 3

“What a jolly little fellow it is!”

— Fritz Robinson

3 Quotes by Elizabeth Robinson


Now We

“Now we want to hear all your adventures, and let us relieve you of your burdens.”

— Elizabeth Robinson


If It

“If it be the will of God,” said my wife, “to leave us alone on this solitary place, let us be content; and rejoice that we are all together in safety.”

— Elizabeth Robinson


I Hope The

“I hope the terrible noise you made just now was the signal of victory.”

— Elizabeth Robinson

1 Quote by Ernest Robinson


It Is 3

″‘It is exactly like a fairy tale,’ said Earnest; ‘I had only to speak, and my wish was accomplished.‘”

— Ernest Robinson